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Urban Preset Pack 2019

$30.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy my first preset pack. I am giving you $10 for TODAY ONLY! Scroll down to see the before and afters! How to downloadPlease note: these are .xmp files Open Lightroom.- Go to: Develop tab on the top right. **Next to "Library" "Map" "Book" "Slideshow" "Print" & Web"- Click on the "+↓" icon next to the "Presets" tab on your left- Click on "Import Presets..."Locate the folder(s) of my presets and select all presets. "NOT THE FOLDER"- Click Import- Restart LightroomPlease DO NOT download these on your mobile phone. Download them on your laptop or desktop computer FIRST. They can then be used on mobile after.